Women's Alb

Women's Alb

Our albs finish two to three inches off the floor in back. Slightly narrower sleeves are sized proportionally to appear well-fitted with hands clasped or extended. Tailored collar with zipper on shoulder.

Fabric Options:
1. Worcester Knit - Our most popular and durable fabric. 100% polyester knit. Permanent press. Machine wash. No ironing. Excellent draping. White or cream.
2. Spencer Weave - Dacron and rayon. The texture of lightweight cotton chino. Dry clean. Light ironing for crispness. White or cream.
3. Abbey Cloth - Lightweight tropical wool blend. Linen-like texture. Dry clean. Light ironing for crispness. Beautiful drape. Cream only.
4. Monastic Weave - Very lightweight and comfortable polyester. Machine wash, permanent press. Excellent for use during warm weather. Pure white only.

Required Measurements:
1. Total height standing barefoot.
2. Collar size, measure with fabric tape measure.
3. Measure chest at fullest point, under the arms and across the shoulder blades.
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  • Worcester Knit, Spencer Weave, Guild Blend. White or cream. The apparel of all the baptized who have "put on Christ," the alb is the garment of all the ministers of the liturgy. Our styles are amply cut for ease of movement and comfortable fit.

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